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Friday, March 7, 2008
Daftar novel bestseller di Amerika pada tahun 1900-1909

Daftar novel bestseller di Amerika pada tahun 1900-an, dikeluarkan oleh Publisher Weekly. Daftar di bawah ini antara rentang waktu 1900-1909.

1.To Have and to HoldMary Johnston
2.Red PottageMary Cholmondeley
3.Unleavened BreadRobert Grant
4.The Reign of LawJames Lane Allen
5.Eben HoldenIrving Bacheller
6.Janice MeredithPaul Leicester Ford
7.The Redemption of David CorsonCharles Frederic Goss
8.Richard CarvelWinston Churchill
9.When Knighthood Was in FlowerCharles Major
10.Alice of Old VincennesMaurice Thompson
1.The CrisisWinston Churchill
2.Alice of Old VincennesMaurice Thompson
3.The Helmet of NavarreBertha Runkle
4.The Right of WayGilbert Parker
5.Eben HoldenIrving Bacheller
6.The Visits of ElizabethElinor Glyn
7.The Puppet CrownHarold MacGrath
8.Richard Yea-and-NayMaurice Hewlett
9.GraustarkGeorge Barr McCutcheon
10.D'ri and IIrving Bacheller
1.The VirginianOwen Wister
2.Mrs. Wiggs of Cabbage PatchAlice Caldwell Hegan
3.Dorothy Vernon of Haddon HallCharles Major
4.The Mississippi BubbleEmerson Hough
5.AudreyMary Johnston
6.The Right of WayGilbert Parker
7.The Hound of the BaskervillesArthur Conan Doyle
8.The Two VanrevelsBooth Tarkington
9.The Blue ForeverHenry van Dyke
10.Sir Richard CalmadyLucas Malet
1.Lady Rose's DaughterMary Augusta Ward
2.Gordon KeithThomas Nelson Page
3.The PitFrank Norris
4.Lovey MaryAlice Hegan Rice
5.The VirginianOwen Wister
6.Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage PatchAlice Hegan Rice
7.The Mettle of the PastureJames Lane Allen
8.Letters of a Self-Made Merchant to His SonGeorge Horace Lorimer
9.The One WomanThomas Dixon, Jr.
10.The Little Shepherd of Kingdom ComeJohn Fox, Jr.
1.The CrossingWinston Churchill
2.The DeliveranceEllen Glasgow
3.The MaqueraderKatherine Cecil Thurston
4.In the Bishop's CarriageMiriam Michelson
5.Sir MortimerMary Johnston
6.Beverly of GraustarkGeorge Barr McCutcheon
7.The Little Shepherd of Kingdom ComeJohn Fox, Jr.
8.Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmKate Douglas Wiggin
9.My Friend ProsperoHenry Harland
10.The Silent PlacesStewart Edward White
1.The Marriage of William AsheMary Augusta Ward
2.SandyAlice Hegan Rice
3.The Garden of AllahRobert Hichens
4.The ClansmanThomas Dixon, Jr.
5.NedraGeorge Barr McCutcheon
6.The GamblerKatherine Cecil Thurston
7.The MaqueraderKatherine Cecil Thurston
8.The House of MirthEdith Wharton
9.The Princess PassesC.N. Williamson and A.M. Williamson
10.Rose o' the RiverKate Douglas Wiggin
1.ConistonWinston Churchill
2.Lady BaltimoreOwen Wister
3.The Fighting ChanceRobert W. Chambers
4.The House of a Thousand CandlesMeredith Nicholson
5.Jane CableGeorge Barr McCutcheon
6.The JungleUpton Sinclair
7.The Awakening of Helena RitchieMargaret Deland
8.The SpoilersRex Beach
9.The House of MirthEdith Wharton
10.The Wheel of LifeEllen Glasgow
1.The Lady of the DecorationFrances Little
2.The WeaversGilbert Parker
3.The Port of Missing MenMeredith Nicholson
4.The ShuttleFrances Hodgson Burnett
5.The Brass BowlLouis J. Vance
6.Satan SandersonHallie Erminie Rives
7.The Daughter of Andreson CrowGeorge Barr McCutcheon
8.The Younger SetRobert W. Chambers
9.The DoctorRalph Connor
10.Half a RogueHarold MacGrath
1.Mr. Crewe's CareerWinston Churchill
2.The BarrierRex Beach
3.The Trail of the Lonesome PineJohn Fox, Jr.
4.The Lure of the MaskHarold MacGrath
5.The ShuttleFrances Hodgson Burnett
6.PeterF. Hopkinson Smith
7.Lewis RandMary Johnston
8.The Black BagLouis J. Vance
9.The Man from Brodney'sGeorge Barr McCutcheon
10.The WeaversGilbert Parker
1.The Inner ShrineAnonymous (Basil King)
2.KatrineElinor Macartney Lane
3.The Silver HordeRex Beach
4.The Man in Lower TenMary Roberts Rinehart
5.The Trail of the Lonesome PineJohn Fox, Jr.
6.Truxton KingGeorge Barr McCutcheon
7.54-40 or FightEmerson Hough
8.The Goose GirlHarold MacGrath
9.PeterF. Hopkinson Smith
10.SeptimusWilliam J. Locke

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